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About Gifted Children

Gifted Children Denmark advocates a better understanding and knowledge of gifted children. We seek to promote the recognition of gifted children and their well-being, with a strong focus on identification and development of the children’s potential. We believe that early identification will be of benefit not only to the children and their families, but to society in general. 

Gifted Children Denmark welcomes any family with one or more gifted children as members and we now stand more than 1,200 families with more than 1,600 gifted children between them. We target 5 % of the population as gifted, which is about 35,000 school children and
10,000 children in kindergarten.

In the last five years we have admitted more than a thousand children as new members, and the association continues to grow rapidly as many schools, kindergartens, and parents have become more skilled at identifying gifted children. Unfortunately, the schools and kindergartens are not always able to provide the children with the necessary offers for them to thrive, why their parents seek support and information at Gifted Children Denmark.

Through activities offered by Gifted Children Denmark the children get an opportunity to meet their peers, and their parents get a network with other parents of gifted children. We have a wide range of activities, with the most notable being our annual summer camp, which usually attracts about 950 parents and children.

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